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Citizen Scientist



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Greenest Inc. is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit organisation. We believe that the key to facing this global environmental challenge is to swiftly enable not just many, but the majority of individuals, to expand upon and to adopt the efforts of those who are leading the way in sustainability within all areas of life. To achieve our mission we will apply innovative processes alongside proven practices and methods. 

As a Citizen Scientist, the buck stops with you. You will gain access to our SME portal to review the hard work of the researchers and analysts to make sure that each solution is scientifically sound to the best of your judgement before it becomes a page on greentool. We believe that there are 100,000 ways to go green. The challenge resides in the fact that most consumers are not scientists and do not have reasonable time to thoroughly analyze sustainable solutions that are potentially right for them. 

With the help of your expertise the public will be given a tool to act confidently, efficiently and repeatedly in the greenest way within their means. 


  • Analyze landing pages submitted for review for scientific accuracy to the best of your knowledge
  • Return landing pages to the submitting analysts with comments and guidance when you find information that is wrong or incomplete
  • Approve landing pages for publishing to our website


  • Bachelors degree in a STEM field required, graduate degree preferred.
  • Proven track record of scientific analysis and validation.
  • 1+ years in an applied science environment.
  • A strong passion to help the world plateau our current rate of pollution.
  • Expertise in the field(s) of engineering, chemistry, physics or biology.
  • Critical thinking skills and sound judgement.
  • Distinguish between scientific fact and wishful thinking - must have a strong passion for accuracy of information.