About Us

Greenest Inc is a USA based 501(c)3 Nonprofit organisation. We are developing GreenTool.org with the help of donations and global, remote volunteers.

Our Mission: Our mission is to turn green thinkers into green doers.

Our Objective: Our objective is to develop and curate the most accurate and ergonomic web tool for environmentalists, to help people live their greenest possible lifestyles.

How to use greentool

Begin by calibrating the tool in the “World View” and “Personal View” icons at the top left of the tool.

Click next at the bottom, or the “Play” Icon at the top to see your optimized tool home page.

Select a category of action, and begin taking actions! (This takes you to the next page, the “Search Results” icon).

We call our search results “Actionables”. Each actionable has its own landing page. This is because the solutions and pollutions may not only be products, but they can be services, job opportunities, individual people, whole companies or institutions, a section of open land, and more.

When you see the list of actionables in the Search Results Icon, you can click on any one actionable to see more detailed information, and a button for a web link to take that action.

The tool can be used daily, weekly, or monthly, as you need various things.

The tool can be used to act on short, medium and long-term environmental improvements other than products as well, such as finding verified employment, volunteering, and donation opportunities.

Gathering of Information

Portal System:

At this time, we are gathering data by virtual hand, conducting due diligence, and managing the research behind each solution and pollution via portal.greentool.org.

In order to join the portal and begin editing solutions and pollutions information, you will need to apply to a volunteering position with Greenest Inc.

Users who do not wish to officially conduct research, business analysis, and scientific evaluation, may submit recommended businesses, products and services for review by our analyst volunteers by filling out the web form here: https://www.greenest.org/review-request

Search Engine Results and our approach to environmental impact scoring

At this time, greentool.org search results priority of each solution is manually set, using the best knowledge currently available to us. The results priority of any one particular solution or pollution will never be influenced by financial gain to the organization nor any of our employees nor volunteers.

The more doners, volunteers, programmers and citizen scientists contribute to the platform, the closer we will be to having a supervised machine learning scoring engine and supervised learning model.

The top priority of greentool development is completing the citizen scientist portal and solution scoring engine.

We are founded on the principles of absolute and timely transparency. In order to identify the greenest possible options for each individual using greentool, portal.greentool.org exists to map and score the entire product and service lifecycles of most consumer-available options.

Therefore, all known and traceable variables and attributes, of all solutions and pollutions, can be mapped, analyzed, and scored.

From the landing page, and depending on that actionable’s attributes, a user of greentool can decide to act now, learn more, or save that particular actionable for later.

All known environmental factors will be considered by our platform, thanks to the work of citizen scientists, data scientists, and programmers.

All known environmental impact insights into each solution and pollution are available on that solution’s or pollution’s landing page.

The score and prioritization of each solution will take into account all known human inputs and environmental impacts, to produce the most accurate, and fastest way to determine an individual’s truly greenest possible actions and purchase decisions currently available.

It is by gathering all known information, that we will be able to identify currently accepted as well as new Key Performance Indicators, and determine environmental performance factors, eco-friendly factors, and general natural environmental factors.

In most cases, this approach is the exact opposite of classic search engine models in the following ways:

Classic search engine: rewards clever SEO and paid advertisement in terms of search result’s placement towards the top of hundreds of millions of search results.

Greentool: prioritizes search results strictly based on each results’ environmental impact.

Classic search engine: Open ended window that produceds 300M results in 0.5 seconds.

Greentool: Allows the individual to configure global and personal settings, to filter the already curated and small number of relevant environmental actionables, prior to the user conducting their daily searches.

Classic search engine: rewards websites that are referenced by other websites.

Greentool: enables quick and accurate decision making by environmentally conscious users. rewards businesses for being their greenest by pointing appropriate customers, who are ready to take action, to the business’s or organization’s web site.

Volunteer With Us

We believe that there are 100,000 ways to go green. So far, we have built the core of the system that can capture, vet, and grade these environmental actionables.

We have built this site, Greentool.org, the easy to use, ergonomic interface for managing daily and long term personal environmental impact.

Please visit www.greenest.org/careers/all to see a list of all available opportunities to contribute time, skills and grow professionally with us.


Please visit www.greenest.org/donate to contribute donations towards the development of greentool.org!

Your donation helps us hire web programmers to build the website faster than on volunteer power alone.

Thank you for considering us, and please use www.greentool.org to Be Your Greenest!

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